Conscious styling consultations

Hi, I am Carole, personal stylist.

I guide clients who are reinventing themselves by helping them source an appropriate wardrobe that reflects the who they are.

With a few years of styling experience, I'd would love to help you dress as your confident , successful self.

I offer a variety of options to suit the needs of busy individuals, parents, entrepreneurs.

Click here to see how I can support you

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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Carole is a pleasure to work with. She is genuine and thoughtful. When it comes to styling advice, she doesn't encourage you to buy a lot more other than what she thinks is essential and long lasting pieces that works well with most of your wardrobe. She also has great sources to share on where to buy quality accessories and clothings!

'I just wanted to send you a thank you note today. Ever since you visited and talked through my closet with me and helped me shop for some new pieces I've felt so much more fashionable and good about myself. It's an ever present positive emotional boost that helps me have that much more energy for other things. '