A sustainable style journey

Your closet is unique. So are your needs. This is how I work:

  • After filling out a brief survey, we'll connect over a short intro video call (we will talk about your needs, I will make a custom plan for you.)
  • The closet audit (IRL or remote) is an important step to reinvent your wardrobe, finding the spark in unworn items and giving a new life to older garments. This is also a good time to create a (short and sustainable) shopping list for missing pieces in your closet.
  • Expand your closet by creating new combos and add a few missing items (vintage or from small batch design houses) and get excited with all these new opportunities. A personalized style booklet will conclude our session together.

Wardrobe audits with a complete set of style notes, a silhouette analysis, and a personalized shopping list typically start at $700.

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